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today’s sermon: WWDD

We have entered a time in the life of our nation when faithfulness to the Gospel is about to “get real” as they say. The chasm between patriotism and discipleship is growing ever wider. Executive orders are being issued daily that are in direct opposition to the values of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel lesson for this morning is Matthew 5:1-12. It’s the Sermon on the Mount, also known as the Beatitudes. As I have struggled to prepare a meaningful sermon for my small and aging congregation I have tried to be open to the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit.

I could not stop the tears on seeing this teeshirt,  Jesus as a refugee again brought home the ugly reality of authoritarian rhetoric being enacted into law.

I know that Jesus promises to bless us, I know that Jesus teaches us to live lives of love, mercy, nonviolence and compassion. The issue I am grappling with now is how to demonstrate that in a nation that is bowing down to one who ignores, even flaunts Christ’s example and teachings.

I know WWJD. What truly frightens me, is that I also know WWDD. The two are diametrically opposed.

I have committed myself to following the man from Nazareth. That means I cannot follow BLOTUS. I am truly saddened that many of my congregation are not able to make the same choice.

a good test

In all three synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) Jesus responds His disciples’ request to send the hungry crowds away by telling them “You give them something to eat.” What is most interesting to me about this response of Jesus is that there are no modifiers. It is just a simple imperative.

It is a direct command, isn’t it? “You give them something to eat.” There’s not much room for misunderstanding, is there?

Jesus didn’t say feed the hungry when you feel like it. He didn’t say give the hungry something to eat when you think they deserve being fed. There is nothing in His command about just feeding those who believe in Him, or who look a certain way, or those who work hard.

No, Jesus kept the message simple enough for all who follow Him to understand. There’s no room for misunderstanding. We can all comprehend this simple command.

The only real question has always been will we who proclaim Jesus as Lord ever love Him enough to obey Him.

“You give them something to eat.” It’s a good test of our discipleship.