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how beauftiful that would be

I know that a world without hunger is possible. And I know that world is possible in my lifetime. Achieving such a world, however, calls for a radical restructuring of our priorities, something most of us cannot even begin to seriously consider.

Just think what we could accomplish toward healing our broken world if we focused on helping one another rather than destroying one another. Even a small step in this direction could result in almost unbelievable good for our human family.

Mother Teresa understood the power of love. She wrote that,

“If all the money that is being spent on finding ways to kill people was used instead to feed them and house them—how beautiful that would be. We are often afraid of the sacrifices we might have to make. But where there is true love, there is joy and peace.”

As a person of faith, I truly believe we have a moral obligation to help work toward a world filled with true love, a world of joy and peace. Such a world will never be achieved through military might.

Isn’t it time we start looking more seriously at our priorities and moving more intentionally toward reducing military spending. Faithfulness in a hungry world demands that all people of faith seek justice for those being held captive by hunger and poverty. One way to do that is to begin spending far less on military armaments and far more on those of our human family that daily face the threat of malnourishment, hunger, and even starvation.

I, for one, would be perfectly content and much happier with less military protection and a world where more of my family were allowed the opportunity to experience a life with hunger. How beautiful would that be?