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beyond belief

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May you each have an especially blessed new year. May it be filled with deep love and lots of laughter.

Working together we can change the world. Let’s get off our buts and make it happen.


nothing else really matters

Rupi Kaur:

i cannot find the author of this poem, but I want to thank the writer for these thoughts. As we finish out the last few days of this year I can think of no better reminder for us. This is also the perfect focal point for looking into the new year that looms ahead of us.

Love is the only thing that really matters. Nothing else comes close.

If we are able to integrate these thoughts into our resolutions for the upcoming year we can change more lives than we can imagine, starting with our own. Let’s focus on demonstrating more love this coming year.

Let’s love more, care more, and show more compassion for those around us in 2017. Love is the answer. Nothing else matters.


liberation theology

liberation theology:

What we do for others, we do for ourselves.

All of us are part of one human family. And we are all bound to our four-legged and winged family as well. In fact all living beings are connected on this beautiful planet we call home.

This coming year is a new opportunity to be aware of how all life is connected. It’s a new chance to live in gratitude and deep appreciation for the gifts we have been given. This new year is a time for us to  save ourselves by saving each other as we all work together to save our planet.


burning daylight

Today begins a new era of my life. I start writing yet another a new chapter in my life history.

I awoke this morning for the first time in 35 years not actively leading an organization in the fight to end hunger in our lifetime. Even though I have been moving in this direction for a couple years, it’s still a situation that is going to take some major getting used to.

So, I am starting off the new year and this new period of my life by heading into the mountains for a 24 hour retreat. A little time alone in the woods has always been good for what ails me, and I have too long neglected the practice of slipping away for a couple days of primitive camping on a regular basis. That changes starting today.

I will reflect on this in more detail in the days to follow, but for now it’s time to get going. I’m burning daylight as my father used to tell me..

May all of you have a most blessed 2016, and may each of you do more than ever this year to help create a world without hunger.

“go as far as you can see”

Here is a small quote to help us begin another year of full of great achievements and wonderful accomplishments.


Thomas Carlyle was a 19th century Scottish essayist, historian and satirical writer. Born on December 4, 1795, in Galloway, Scotland, Carlyle studied at the University of Edinburgh and later became an essayist. In the mid-1830s, he published Sartor Resartus, and when he released The French Revolution in 1837, he became a prominent writer of his day. Carlyle died on February 5, 1881, in London, England.

Carlyle’s quote is perfect for all of us attempting great and difficult things, whether it’s getting through the trials of the day or changing the world forever. Whenever we are tempted to give up all we need to do is remember these powerful words of Carlyle. We do not have to see the end of our journey.

Every step we take in the direction of our goals will provide sufficient light for yet another step. It truly is one step at a time, The secret is just to keep walking.

power to change the world

As we begin another new year, my thoughts are drawn back to Stop Hunger Now’s vision statement of a world without hunger. Ending hunger in our lifetime sounds so grandiose and unreachable. And I know there are so many that hear those words and think that such a vision can never be achieved.

Yet, I beg to differ with those with such short-sightedness. Every great achievement begins with the vision of its ultimate accomplishment. We have to be able to mentally see the goal before we can even begin to move toward it. Once we envision the results we want to achieve, all that remains is to work out the details to turn the vision into reality.

And that is where we find ourselves at the start of 2013. Our generation is posed to eradicate hunger forever.

We know that a world without hunger is possible. There’s more than enough food to feed our entire human family. All the other resources necessary to feed the world are in place. What then is preventing us from turning the vision into reality? Why isn’t it happening?

Cutting through the enormous complexities of global poverty and hunger, the simple answer is that the majority of the world simply does not care that 25,000 of our family dies every single day from hunger related causes. The poor and hungry are largely invisible. They have no voice. And to most of us, they simply do not matter.

Ending hunger in our lifetime requires those of us that care to become leaders in changing the way the world thinks about hunger, and about the poor and the hungry, themselves. We have to become the voice of the voiceless. We have to do whatever is necessary to make the tragedy of hunger visible to those in power.

Ending hunger in our lifetime requires us to step up on behalf of those too weak and too disenfranchised to speak up for themselves. We have to become thought leaders for a new way of seeing the world. We have to challenge both weak and untrue presuppositions and the status quo.

Now is the time for all of us who care to begin acting with far greater resolve and purpose on behalf of the least of these among us. We must be the leaders in the global movement to end hunger in our lifetime. It is our caring and compassion; it is our sense of justice that has the power to change the world. We just need to do it. And there is no better time than the start of a new year.