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a prayer for hungry mothers

Gracious God and glorious Creator, as we celebrate Mother’s Day and give thanks for the love and care provided by our mothers, we recognize that your love and your care sustains all of us, and even this planet we call home. We give you thanks for your presence in our lives and we thank you for all we have received from our mothers.

Yet, Lord, we know that even as we honor our mothers, there are millions of mothers who are not so blessed. Help us remember those mothers around the world this morning who face hardships and dangers we cannot begin to imagine. Be with mothers everywhere to lighten their burdens, provide relief from their worries and grant them rest from their unceasing labor.

We pray especially for all those impoverished mothers around the world who are stalked by the shadow of hunger of hunger, those mothers who live in constant fear of famine and must fight every day just to provide enough nourishment to keep their children alive. The love those mothers feel for their children is no less than the love our mothers had and have for us.

Be with hungry mothers and hungry children everywhere this morning. Help us honor them as we honor our own mothers. Let them feel your love, and let them be fed.  Amen.

not just a dreamer

I’m not just a dreamer. I am a hopeaholic.” — Gloria Steinem

What a great quote. My first thought on seeing it was that someone has been reading my mail. I freely admit that I too am a proud charter member of hopeaholics anonymous.

I believe in hope. I live in hope. Hope is a way of life that makes the difficult easier and the impossible possible.

I am a hopeaholic because hope is so closely connected to faith, and to be totally honest, I am also a card-carrying faithaholic, as well.

Like Ms Steinem, I am not just a dreamer. I have an unshakable hope in the possibility of good, and an even deeper faith in the grace and mercy of a loving Creator.

I have experienced God’s faithfulness enough to know I can depend on it. That’s why I know we can end hunger in our lifetime.

God ‘s love and mercy is everlasting, and I have the faith to believe that love and mercy will bring us to a day where there will be true justice. There will come a day when no child will have to cry themselves to sleep from the pain of an empty belly, or live stunted lives from lack of proper nourishment.

I live for that day.

But, I am not just a dreamer. I will not stop working to achieve that  day. What keeps me going is the hope and the faith that we can turn that vision into a reality.