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Thank you, Ted St.Godard

Editorial cartoonist, Ted St. Godard got fired for this cartoon. He was fired for doing what editorial cartoonists are paid to do. This is yet one more direct attack on the freedom of the press.

I applaud Ted St. Godard for keeping a bright light shining on the immorality and racist policies of the Trump administration. More of us need to do the same.

Today we celebrate Father’s Day. And thousands of parents, both mothers and fathers, are having their children ripped from them. Trump’s America is no longer a place of safety for those fleeing persecution or violence. We are now a place where unspeakable cruelty is perpetrated through immoral, racist (and I would add, illegal) policies designed to deter those seeking protection.

If ripping families apart and child concentration camps are necessary to make America great again, maybe we need to redefine greatness. I grow ever more ashamed of my elected leaders for their complicity in supporting this corrupt administration

recognizing the voice of Jesus

Father, This morning, the cries of the hungry are overwhelming. This morning, the cries of the politically and economically exploited are overwhelming. This morning, the cries of those in prison and under torture are overwhelming. This morning, the cries of parents who know that their children are doomed to stunted and warped lives are overwhelming.

Help us, most merciful God, to hear the voice of Your Son in all of these cries. Help us to recognize the cries we hear as calls to faithfulness and deeper discipleship. Grant us the wisdom to respond to all these cries with grace and compassion, and grant us the power of the Holy Spirit to respond to these cries with both justice and mercy. Amen