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Holy Refugees

"That Makes Us Refugees, Right?" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

When Mary and Joseph fled to protect the life of their son,  Jesus, they became refugees. Unless I am sadly mistaken that makes Jesus a refugee.

How is it then that so many Evangelical Christians worship a refugee on Sunday, but despise refugees the rest of the week? Am I missing something here? Or, is there a true disconnect with what so many of us profess and what we really believe?

Trump’s Base: Warning Signs

Trump: cult leader and moron in chief

The signs are all there. Those that still support this piece of slime are frighteningly similar to the supporters of Adolf Hitler, especially in the run-up to World War II. The complete and willful ignorance and denial of the truth turns such followers into mindless robots willing to go to any lengths to support their leader. This is Trump’s base.

a short primer for the Church

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Not the Ten Commandments, for sure, but this is still a nice concise primer on a subject with which the  the church continues to struggle. Perfect love casts out fear. The church’s fear of homosexuality is a perfect illustration of this. We all need more love and less fear.

the Holy Family today

Here is a powerful statement of faithfulness. This is art that is challenging power while proclaiming the Gospel. I am inspired that there are believers like the #nakedpastor who still have the courage to speak the truth to those in authority and remain true to the call of Jesus in our lives.

#BLOTUS would not allow Jesus and His parents into the United States today, even if they were fleeing for their lives.  Drumpf knows the danger the Christ child is to his  administration’s views and wishes.

I have hidden behind walls of barbed wire and concertina in Vietnam.  It can make you feel safer. But, the thing to remember is that walls hold you in  just as much as they keep others out. And I, for one, don’t like being a captive.

lapdogs get the treats

That the BLOTUS has not attacked the church is truly an indictment on the lack of faithfulness we have demonstrated. Anyone, and everyone, who has confronted him over his racism, his bullying, his lying, his treatment of women, or any other serious issue, has been mocked, vilified, or verbally attacked.

BLOTUS goes after his critics. Lapdogs, however, just get fed treats.

regaining our courage

The Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar’s funeral is tomorrow, but his legacy will live on. Here is a short quote taken from his book, MIDDLE CHURCH. His passion to engage people of faith resonates in every sentence.

Never since Jesus walked the earth have Christians been as powerful and comfortable as they are today. That may be the problem. Gene Winkler, a United Methodist minister in Chicago, now retired, identified the heart of the matter in a sermon a few years ago:”Christians today are not persecuted; we are ignored. We are not ridiculed; we are faced with indifference. We don’t lose our jobs or our heads because of our faith; we lose our courage to talk about our faith.” It’s time faithful Americans to regain that courage. Not simply to talk about our faith, but to vote it; not just to go to the church or to the synagogue or mosque but to reach into our communities. For all of us, opportunities for making a difference abound.

I share Bob’s passion. Making a real difference in our world is not difficult. Working together, we can end hunger in our lifetime. We can truly change the world. As Bob wrote: “It’s time for faithful Americans to regain our courage.” I know Bob would agree; the future of the world depends on it.