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here’s part of the problem

And the 50% in congress who are not “officially” millionaires are within spitting distance. Those in power have little in common with the majority of the citizens in the United States. This is one reason the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow at such an alarming rate. Democracy cannot long survive with such a huge discrepancy of incomes between the haves and the have-nots.

#BLOTUS needs more practice

The world knows the lack of political experience of our country’s newest president. He makes the fact painfully obvious every single day.

Although he is arguably the biggest liar in the US, he still needs to work on his game. His lies, even though they are coming faster and faster, still fall far short of sounding plausible, much less truthful.

But, he isn’t worried. His lies have fooled enough of the population. They do not care if his lies are not yet perfect. They have already become addicted to the sound of alternative facts.

in our own self-interest

In 1976, Shridath S. Ramphal, who was the Commonwealth Secretary-General of Guyana, wrote:

Each element of our current concerns–energy, population, the environment, food supply–confirms the interrelatedness of the human condition and the planetary convergence of our national destinies. It is not now so much the moral perception that we are our brother’s keeper, but the practical reality that each brother is our keeper. National self-interest demands an international restructuring that acknowledges the reality of our human condition.

Now, 33 years later, his words are even more true than when they were first penned. We will never end hunger until we understand and accept that we are one global community. Achieving a world without hunger requires nothing less.

Achieving genuine community will demand more of us than any other endeavor, but  it is surely worth the struggle. Our future depends on it.