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to everything there is a season…

I was hoping to spend this week writing. Such, however, is not to be the case. Once again, events beyond my control seem to be transpiring against me.

In my younger days I would have been railing against fate and venting my frustration on anyone close enough to hear me. Maturity, or at least advanced age, has mellowed me. I am no less frustrated, but now a long sigh is about all the venting I have energy for at this point.

The writing is important, but being with my family, especially in times of stress and trouble, is far more important. To everything there is a season according to Solomon. And for now it’s definitely the time to be with those loved ones whose need is immediate.

The time for writing will come. For now, however, I will just go with the flow. So now it’s time to leave Snake Mountain and head back up to be with my daughter and her family in Virginia. The writing can wait. My daughter and grandchildren come first.

back on the mountain

Like Edward Abbey wrote in his introduction to THE JOURNEY HOME, “I am not a naturalist. I never was and never will be a naturalist.” But, Like Abbey I am a deep and passionate lover of nature. My most intense joy is being immersed in nature in any of its myriad of guises.

Right now I am again soaking up the solitude and splendor that is my small slice of Snake Mountain. PreSpring is here. The snow is gone. And if the bright sunshine hasn’t actually knocked the chill from the air, it has revealed that it won’t be long before those loveliest shades of green will be covering the mountain from the ridges down to the creek.

I have been waiting to get up here since before the new year kicked off. Actually, I’ve been here several times, but never for more than a couple or three days. And I will admit it…I’m greedy when it comes to Snake Mountain. Two or three days is just not enough time to  soak up the beauty of this place.

Even though it probably doesn’t sound like it, I am here working. My next book, STOP HUNGER NOW: Ending Hunger in Our Lifetime is due out in early December. That’s a short timeline. But, that doesn’t keep me from soaking up the richness and beauty which surrounds me as I write.

I’ve been able to get over a thousand words into the machine this morning, so now it’s time for a little reward. My walking stick is by the door so for me it mean’s it’s time to grab the camera and head down toward the creek. Besides, I need the exercise to stay sharp.