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a prayer for the hungry hungry

A Prayer for the Hungry

O God, we pray now for the hungry— not the spiritually


not the emotionally hungry

not the psychologically hungry

(though they surely need our prayers)—

we pray now simply for the hungry hungry.

We know in the realm that Jesus showed us no one

goes hungry,

no one lacks daily bread.

In Your Realm,

those with food remember the hungry,

those with food share their food with the hungry,

those with food work on behalf of the hungry,

those with food weep for the hungry,

even if it makes them feel guilty.

God, we are grateful you never forget about the


that you long for the hungry to be fed.

God, we are grateful you never forget about those who

aren’t hungry—

that you long for them to feed the hungry.

God, the hungry and unhungry stand as one before you;

loved with the same love,

both in need of you and each other.

God of the Hungry, so many are hungry.

Rescue your hungry children,

fill their stomachs with food

and their hearts with gladness,

so that they, too, might experience the luxury of dealing

only with their spiritual hunger,

their emotional hunger,

their psychological hunger.

Send your Spirit to the hungry hungry,

and to the unhungry,

until all feast with Jesus in the new age.

In the name of Jesus and the hungry hungry we pray.

a prayer by Steve Hammond

feed us, that we might feed others

Lord, today is All Saints Sunday, a time to remember all those that have gone before us in the faith. It’s a perfect time to realize that our faithfulness is a mere shadow of that demonstrated by those of past generations. But, it is also a perfect time to admit that we are spiritually hungry for more and that we have a real desire to follow your Son more closely.

Help us to see that each of us can grow in our faithfulness. Help us to demonstrate the abiding trust in your Word that so motivated the saints we honor this beautiful day. Feed us through your Word that we might feed others. Empower us to reach out in your eternal and all encompassing love to those around us most in need.

Open our eyes, and more importantly, open our hearts that we might live out your compassion for the poor and hungry in our midst. And help our faithfulness to your call motivate us to respond so fully that our lives would be an inspiration to those that follow in our footsteps. Amen