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a prayer to recognize our opportunities

Again we come to your throne of grace, gracious Lord, recognizing that your presence is everywhere. This morning we bow before you in humble recognition of your power, your glory, and your everlasting love. 

Be with us throughout this day. Make it truly a day of rest and worship. Help us to fully be engaged with pleasing you with our praise, our prayers and our service in your name.

Help us to intentionally seek out your presence in all we meet today, but especially in the face of the stranger, the homeless, the sick, and those trapped in destructive lifestyles. Help us to reflect your grace to those in need of a friend, a kind word, or even just a reassuring smile.

And with each person we meet today, help us remember to give you thanks for another opportunity to demonstrate the love, mercy and grace you have first shown us. Amen

a room where Christ is welcome

Every family should have a room where Christ is welcome in the person of the hungry and thirsty stranger. – Saint John Chrysostom

One of the Early Church Fathers, Saint John Chrysostom (349-407 AD) was the Archbishop of Constantinople. He is best known for his preaching and public speaking as well as his denunciation of abuse of authority by both ecclesiastical and political leaders. This is the third post I have shared over the past few days that  illustrates his deep concern for the poor and hungry.

In my first post on Chrysostom  I shared his statement that  feeding the hungry is greater and more powerful than working miracles. He was showing that walking along side the poor and hungry should be an integral part of authentic spirituality. The quote above continues that theme.

Our ministry with those in need must be personal. There is no such thing as “Long Range Compassion.”

Real engagement with the poor means knowing their names as well as their needs. We need a place where Christ is welcome in whatever guise he might take. And the first place to prepare is our hearts. It’s all about loving those around us as much as we claim to love the Lord.