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a moral obligation

Save our planet Earth.:

As I focus more on the year ahead, my heart tells me that the struggle is going to be long and hard. That doesn’t bother me. What concerns me most is that we may be too divided to work together for what is best for all of us.

The real debate, as DiCaprio stated back in 2014, is not about partisan politics. The real focus has to be about coming together to address and confront those issues affecting all of our global family. This is a moral obligation that I am not sure we are capable of meeting.

SHN International Summit update

After just completing the first day of the 4 day international summit of Stop Hunger Now affiliates all I can say is I am too humbled for words. The commitment, the dedication, the passion, and the resourcefulness of our international folks has just blown me away. Stop Hunger Now is demonstrating that the global movement to end hunger is not only a reality, but it’s growing.

From the first SHN affiliate in South Africa to our newest in Peru, every director has shared their stories, and all of us here have been inspired, challenged and moved to tears hearing the struggles and successes that make up the work of ending hunger around the world. There are a lot of commonalities in the stories, and it has been a time rich in learning and sharing.

This afternoon we took time to relax a little and take it easy as we are all somewhat jet-lagged. We visited the Royal Selangor Petwer Factory, the Batu Caves , a Hindu Temple, and then had dinner at Malaysian Cultural Theater.

Tomorrow we will begin with a breakfast presentation on monitoring and assessment, then tour several distribution centers where Stop Hunger now meals are used to feed hungry children. We will end the day with a dinner in my honor.

It will be another full day, but one rich in learning and full of joyful celebration and fellowship. Tomorrow, I will try to share in more detail.

keep us busy, Lord

O Powerful Father,

Please make me a diligent worker in your Kingdom.  Help me not to be lazy or selfish with my time, energy and money.  You are a God of action and intervention in the problems and troubles of people.  Help us to pattern our lives after your example and become involved in the struggles of our neighbors.  Give us the heart to walk into difficult situations and make a difference for hurting people.  And make us fully aware of your presence with us at all times.  We know that we are weak and ineffective on our own Lord, but with your help and power behind us, we can move mountains in your service.  Keep us busy in the joyful labors of mercy and justice. Amen.

A prayer from For They Shall Be Fed, edited by Ronald J Sider