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I would rather be faithful


Success is not difficult. Good goals, solid discipline, hard work and persistence will most always get you there.

Being faithful is an entirely different matter. Faithfulness requires a singleness of heart embodied in a lifestyle of love, obedience and sacrifice.

active compassion

True success is far more than more power, prestige and money. True success must include significance. And to be significant we must live lives of active compassion. We must love others even as Christ has first loved us.


joy unspeakable

My husband reminds me of this daily! As the plane touches down in the 7th airport over the span of 15 days I am kindly reminded of what matters!!!!-NB

I often talk to groups about the need to move beyond success; to move from success to significance. Mother Teresa goes even further. And she’s right.

Faithfulness in following God’s call on our life leads to “joy unspeakable,” ¬†as we find that indescribable sweet spot where who we are, what we believe, and how we live come into perfect alignment.

We are called to be faithful. And once we are we can change the world forever.