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“Go ask him yourself.”

From the Talmud comes this poignant story of the return of the Messiah.

Rabbi Yoshua ben Levi asked Elijah, “when will the Messiah come?’
Elijah replied, “Go ask him yourself.”
“Where is he?”
“Sitting at the gates of the city.”
“How shall I know him?”
“He is sitting among the poor covered with wounds. The others unbind all their wounds and bind them up again. But he unbinds one at a time and then binds it up again, saying to himself, ‘Perhaps I shall be needed. If so, I must always be ready so as not to delay for a moment.”

How will we recognize the Messiah? He will among the poor, the broken and the wounded. And although he is also broken and wounded, he will be the one ready to meet the needs of those crying for help.

Maybe that is how we who call ourselves his disciples should be recognized. Can we be found among the poor, the broken and the wounded. If not, maybe we should start looking for the Messiah ourselves.