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a WMD stockpile within our borders


Here is a WMD we have all already seen. It’s already here in the US and the stockpile is getting ever larger.

We ignore it at our own risk, not only both moral and spiritual, but in real terms, as well. Allowing poverty to grow is a clear and present danger.

We can eliminate poverty in our lifetime. Doing so is both right and possible. It just takes compassion and an active hunger for justice for all.

what the world needs now…

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Success, at least to me, is like gun control. Success simply means you hit your target. You accomplish what you’re aiming to do.

And like gun control, success says nothing about aiming at the correct target. What is needed, desperately needed, according to the Dalai Lama, is better target acquisition. The world needs folks who want to have lives of true significance. That means people who choose to aim at the right target.

The Dali Lama’s list is a damned good place to start.