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making paper: hemp vs. trees

I am willing to bet I use far more paper than the average citizen…it’s part of the perils of being a life-long writer. Recognizing that fact, I want to go on record that I would be overjoyed to use only paper made from hemp.

Doesn’t it behoove all of us to do whatever possible to help conserve our precious natural resources? Use more hemp and let the trees do what they do best…like keeping us alive.

4 billion is a lot of trees

Hemp & Cannabis Explorers

I do not know about all of you, but I use more than my share of paper. I would be perfectly happy to use hemp paper if I could help save our planet. Saving four million trees every year would have a huge impact on the health of the environment. And that makes a lot of sense to me.

a vast forest of kindness

The ripple effect

I love the bumper sticker that reads “PRACTICE RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS.”  It’s not as popular as it once was, so I don’t see it as much as I once did. But I believe the message is still worthy.

Little acts of kindness are simple gestures of love that make us all more human. Every kind deed is another point of positive contact that strengthens our bonds as a global family.

Wouldn’t the world be a far gentler and more beautiful place if we could live in a vast forest of kindness trees? Will you join me in throwing out new roots of kindness today?

Every act of kindness throws out roots in all directions. Working together we can create a vast forest of kindness.