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let’s not pretend…

Oops too late (Post-Election Poll Jump For trump - 54% of Americans think trump will succeed as president, and trump gets all-time high likability rating of 47%, up about ten points from pre-election . What's the matter with America????):

A follow-up to yesterday’s post, this powerfully direct statement by Eugene Robinson is a plea for all of us to stand up to the intentional destruction of common decency that the election of the #BLOTUS represents. The open misogyny, ugliness, and vindictive behavior of those in power should  never be normalized.

No person, especially the President of the United States, deserves respect when basic human decency seems to be a foreign concept to them. Leadership requires far more than wealth and power.

When children act inappropriately we are quick to teach them how to behave properly. Isn’t it time we do the same with the leader of the free world?

the shame of all

I have often stated that hunger is not a problem. And I stand by that statement.

But, if hunger is not a problem, what, exactly, is it? Is it a social ill? Is it a political issue? Is it a spiritual issue?

We live in a perfectly created world with more than enough resources to supply the needs of every member of our human family. This has been true now for over 50 years. Yet, we allow over 25,000 people to die every day because they do not receive enough food to keep them alive.

How is that possible? What does that say about our humanity?

Hunger is an obscenity. It’s the most vile vulgarity uttered on our planet. And there is simply no excuse for any of us.

Every single child that cries herself to sleep from the pain of an empty stomach is a damning indictment of our frightening lack of moral values, both as individuals and of society as a whole. We would do well to remember that,

“The hunger of one is the shame of all.”

hunger is a four-letter word

I’ve touched the shadows of vaporized victims forever etched in stone in Hiroshima.

I’ve experienced the violent death of friends and comrades in the rice paddies of Vietnam.

I’ve witnessed atrocities too repulsive for words in Sierra Leone.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the ugly results of my own nation’s misuse of power in the name of peace as I worked to stop the Second Gulf War.

Over the past four decades, I have seen…I have touched, smelled, tasted, heard and felt violence and the lack of peace in scores of countries and dozens of combat zones around the world.

But, none of that compares to the unbelievably gross and senseless vulgarity of global hunger. Hunger is a four-letter word scrawled in red across our entire planet.

And the reality we need to face is that there will never be peace until we erase this moral outrage.

Peace can never be achieved without justice. And justice demands the cries of the hungry are stilled.

We can end hunger in our lifetime. It’s the first step toward achieving justice in the world. All we have to do is decide is that is what we really want. I’m not convinced it is.