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the bottom line is the bottom line


The bottom line is the bottom line. There is no moral justification for this obscene amount of money being wasted by the United States on military spending.

Our country puts more money into military spending and defense than the next five countries combined. The $30 billion annually needed to end hunger could be taken out of this bloated military spending budget, and would achieve more global security than another bomber or two.

Not only would reducing our military spending and ending hunger make the world a far safer place. It might even make us all a little more human. And in the end, that’s a far better bottom line.


clear priorities

I understand we have to defend our country and protect all our good stuff…but wouldn’t you think that a nation with Christian values could at least make an honest effort at demonstrating the justice for all we so loudly proclaim?

Am I the only one who thinks we could lower our defense spending by $30 Billion or so, end world hunger, and still feel pretty confident we have all the security we need?