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“you are crazy good at what you do!”

Stop Hunger Now has just finished a thee-day staff retreat at Blackstone, Virgina. The 66 full time staff in attendance worked hard (and played hard) while we together. We also spent a great deal of time getting reconnected with each other and just sharing war stories. Even though we are scattered from coast-to-coast, we share close bond that keeps us centered on the wonderful mission in which we are all so passionately engaged.

Every staff retreat gets larger, with more and more new folks coming on board. That is gratifying. But, far more gratifying is seeing the quality and the unbelievable commitment of those present. Every outside speaker that presents to the staff, and every new member of the staff all make the same observation: nowhere have they felt and experienced the passion, dedication and engagement they they see in the Stop Hunger Now staff.

I totally agree. The Stop Hunger Now staff are tireless in their commitment to create a world without hunger. They are true superstars in the fight to end hunger in our lifetime.  While we were together at Blackstone we celebrated a enormous milestone in the life of our organization. Stop Hunger Now has now packaged over 100 million meals for the hungry and malnourished of our world.

That is a huge accomplishment. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers have demonstrated that we can all make a difference. Working together we really can change the world.

Those volunteers were led by Stop Hunger Now staff that are true heroes in the fight to end hunger. I am tremendously proud  and deeply honored to be associated with them.

Thank you team.  “You are crazy good at what you do!”

social holiness

John Wesley, the founder of the United Methodist Church, lived from 1703 until 1791, a long life for anyone in the 18th century. Some scholars state that he was one of the most influential men of his age, even going so far as to claim he was instrumental in preventing a repeat of the French Revolution from occurring in England.

In the preface to the Methodist Hymnbook, he wrote: “The Gospel of Christ knows no religion but social, no holiness but social holiness.”

What is social holiness in a world filled with poverty and hunger? The answer can only be found in community.

Holiness today has to understood as people of faith reaching out to embrace all of humanity with the same love and acceptance with which Christ loves us. That depth of love is inclusive, totally inclusive, and will not allow the recipients to remain apart or in want.

Social holiness practiced today, the Gospel of Christ according to Wesley, would mean a world where we lived in true community…a world without hunger.